The life and career of gough whitlam

His name at birth was Edward Gough Whitlam but went by his middle name as his grandfather was also named Edward. Although they were staying in Tianjin90 miles away from the epicentre, Margaret Whitlam was slightly injured.

Fast facts: Gough Whitlam

Whitlam ran a bitter and passionate campaign but, despite this, the ALP suffered a 7. Inthe seemed likely to return to power. On election night he announced his immediate retirement as Leader of the Opposition, and he resigned from Parliament in The couple had four children.

Economic rationalism was pioneered, [40] the White Australia policy was dropped, Labor no longer opposed state aid, and the air of grim working-class puritanism that attended the Labor Party of the s gave way to one that was younger, more optimistic, more socially liberal, more intellectual, and decidedly middle-class.

After high school, Whitlam attended St. Member for Werriwa Whitlam stood for the federal seat of Werriwa at a by-election in Novemberafter the retirement of HP Lazzarini. A, L In the overhaul of policies to create a new and topical platform, the emphasis was on urban development, international relations, housing and education.

Gough Whitlam: Watch video moments from the former prime minister's extraordinary life and career

She was a swimmer in the British Empire Games. The ALP won a snap election in Maybut by mid the government had lost the parliamentary support needed to pass government expenditure bills. It was for his dedication to human rights and the environment.

In20 years after he had entered parliament, he became Prime Minister.

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Queensland senator and former DLP leader Vince Gair signalled his willingness to leave the Senate for a diplomatic post. Declaring that this was a sign he no longer had the confidence of the party, Gorton resigned, and William McMahon was elected his successor.

Margaret Whitlam campaigned for the building of a public swimming pool in Cabramatta, and later became president of the swimming club.

Whitlam was able to reconstruct the Victoria party organisation against the will of its leaders, and the reconstituted state party proved essential to victory in the election. After 23 years of opposition, the Labor party lacked experience in the mechanics of government. Fraser did not have the confidence of the house of representatives, and that the house of representatives had called for Mr.

He ran twice, unsuccessfully, for the local council, once also unsuccessfully for the New South Wales Legislative Assembly and campaigned for other candidates [18]. The ALP suffered a crushing defeat; the party was reduced to 41 seats in the House of Representatives.

The family lived first in the North Shore suburb of Mosman and then in Turramurra. Whitlam survived the expulsion vote by a margin of only two, with the strong support of the Queenslanders. Although Labor had a comfortable working majority in the House, Whitlam faced a hostile Senate voted in at the half-senate electionmaking it impossible for him to pass legislation without the support of at least one of the other parties — Liberal, Country, or DLP.

Whitlam and many government members also refused to allow South Vietnamese refugees into the country following the fall of Saigon inconcerned that they would have anti-communist sympathies hostile to the Australian Labor Party. Aged only 15, he was considered too young to go to university.

Gough Whitlam

Oakes, Laurie, Whitlam PM: This vote of confidence in Whitlam was passed on party lines. Calwell responded to an announcement by Indonesian President Sukarno that he intended to take over West New Guinea as the colonial Dutch departed with a statement that Indonesia must be stopped by force.

Whitlam lost another election as party leader in late and resigned his seat in Parliament the following year. Gough Whitlam delivering a Labor Party policy speech, Blacktown, The ALP won, dealing the government their first by-election defeat since Surveys showed that even Liberal voters approved of the Labor slogan.

The Curtin government was returned and the following year began campaigning for a referendum to give the Commonwealth wider post-war reconstruction powers.

The party was also defeated in the state elections in the most populous state, New South Wales, surrendering control of the state government for the first time since Whitlam was one of the Labor Party members on the committee, which produced its first report in Constitutional crisis Main article: Whitlam was active in local politics, which helped him when he ran for House of Representatives in Although Whitlam would have received ALP support in either division, he chose to continue to stand for Werriwa, and moved from Cronulla to Cabramattathough this meant even longer journeys for his older children to school at the time, neither electorate had a high school.

Whitlam had hoped Calwell would step down afterbut he remained, reasoning that Evatt had been given three opportunities to win, and that he should be allowed a third try.

He had not wanted Whitlam as deputy leader, and believed Labor would have won if Ward had been in the position. Lazzarini died in before completing his term and Whitlam was elected to the House of Representatives in the ensuing by-election on 29 November The Whitlam family moved to Sydney where young Gough attended Knox Grammar.

Gough Whitlam, right, with his father, Fred, mother, Martha and sister, Freda, circa The family. Gough Whitlam was the prime minister of Australia from to He was the first Labor Party prime minister in more than two decades.

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Gough Whitlam: Wikis

Take a minute to. Gough Whitlam Biography, Life, Interesting Facts Gough Whitlam was the 21st Prime Minister of Australia. Gough Whitlam led the Labor Party for ten years and held the Prime Minister office from to with progressive ideas for that time. Whitlam began his career as a lawyer in He was active in his community and was a member of the Labor Party.

Whitlam was elected to parliament in and became leader of the Labor Party in In Whitlam became prime minister. He was the first Labor prime minister since His government created new ministries, such as Aboriginal affairs, education, environment and conservation.

Controversial and widely loved, former Australian prime minister Gough Whitlam has passed away at the age of Here's his life in pictures. the Whitlam government introduced a record number of Bills, and a record number were enacted, though the Senate rejected 93 Bills, more than the total number rejected during .

The life and career of gough whitlam
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