The importance of practice of road safety and regulations

A death constitutes the greatest irreparable loss and generates a void that can never fill up. Can you imagine the knock on the door to tell you your loved one will never be returning home? By knowing and practicing pedestrian rules, we can at least make sure of remaining unhurt.

Practice the safest method before your children, for them to learn and grow. By following through on their input and improving safety, you prove quite tangibly that you care about their well-being.

Consequently, if they are taught how they should behave or walk on the road at an early age, they develop a positive behavior and attitude that helps them to avoid accidents in the long run. We also must never cross during traffic jams. Better products that create customer loyalty, bigger margins and increased sales.

Your child can safely cross the road using zebra crossings. Hence, you can advise them to use it appropriately. India is a country having 29 states, each having their own governing body, villages, panchayats etc. Human loss and suffering is immeasurable.

You should teach your child about different traffic signals. And when it happens due to a moment of carelessness on the street, there is no consoling the grief. As a citizen, you have certain important roles and responsibilities. Road safety as such is a crucial issue, and it is the duty of parents to enlighten their children about how they must adhere to traffic rules and signs while walking on the road.

Serious road injuries are not rare. Indian Road Safety Signs Image Be Aware of Traffic Signs and Symbols There are three types of road safety signs — mandatory, cautionary and informatory that enlightens us about the condition of a road ahead and instructs us what we need to do at relevant junctions and crossroads.

Always Use Zebra Crossings and Sidewalks We must know the significance of zebra crossings and should make a habit of using them while crossing a road. As a pedestrian, you should walk on the footpath and not in the middle of the road Look right, then left and right again.

Why Is Road Safety Important?

Teaching more about road safety measures can reduce the number of causalities. When you create a healthy and safe workplace, you reduce those issues in several ways. Importance of Road Safety Rules 4 weeks ago by admin Views The statistics of road accidents in India is devilishly alarming.

You should ensure that they have the ability to decide when to cross the road. By being conscious of these signs, we can affirm of not running into problems.

If you demonstrate the same to your child they will follow and make it a habit. As a responsible citizen, you need to be more compassionate for improving road safety of India. It is better for you to respect and follow the rules that are put forward by the Indian Government as it is created for your own safety and welfare.

Transport departments of different states give slogans, put up posters and distribute leaflets in schools and colleges to create awareness regarding road safety throughout the week. One such restrictions include preventing them to play near streets or parking areas.

This rule should always be kept in the mind Always try to walk on the left side of the road You should cross the road at the zebra crossing You May Also Like: Make sure that you are a good example for them.

Any business knows that employee attrition and absenteeism can be major obstacles. Productivity is lost when other workers have to stop work to deal with the injury. Why Safety Is Important.

Road Safety Rules(India) & Why they are Important

Nearly 1, road crashes occur daily, and amidst this, there are sixteen children, who are never able to return to their mothers every day. The following are certain rules for bus commuters that you should consider: Workers typically respond by working harder, showing more pride in their jobs and remaining loyal.

Children never hesitate to copy adults. Today, when many families are operating with very little free time, family resources may be stretched to the breaking point.

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Ensuring that husbands return to their wives, wives to their husbands, parents to their children, and friends to their friends — that is the most important reason to create a safe and healthy work environment. To Make our Children Responsible When young, children generally imbibe everything that they see.

Stop, Look and Cross In case there are no signals or pedestrian crossings, it is imperative that we should look to their right, then left to check if any vehicle is coming, wait and eventually cross a road.

If the bus seems crowded, you can wait for another bus rather put your life into danger In fact, all these rules are made for Indians to assure safety.

Why is Road Safety Important To Prevent Accidents Many of us have a habit of running across roads, disregarding traffic signals that often results in pathetic accidents.Sep 07,  · Every country has its own road safety rules and regulations for the best interests of citizens.

Road safety rules in India are designed as per the best interests of citizens. As a citizen, you have certain important roles and responsibilities/5(7).

and level of practice on road safety regulations at the level of P. Of course, working out what modern health and safety law means for your business can be quite a headache.

But don't be put off. Yes, on the face of it there do seem to be a lot of regulations and there is a lot of supporting guidance, but the underlying principles are really quite straightforward.

Drivers must at all times, abide by the safety regulations of the road and most importantly stick to the speed limits or stick to a speed which will allow one to stop within a safe distance. Drivers must, most importantly, take responsibility for themselves at all times. STRENGTHENING ROAD SAFETY LEGISLATION: A practice and resource manual for countries vii A C KN OW LEDGEMENTS T he writing and production of the manual was coordinated by Evelyn Murphy, with technical oversight and input provided by Etienne Krug, Margaret Peden and Meleckidzedeck Khayesi.

Jan 03,  · 10 Important Road Safety Rules to Teach Your Children Add to Flipboard Magazine. As a parent, You may not be aware about the safety concerns of your children on the road until one day when you go to school bus stops, neighbour's house, or local shops/5(21).

The importance of practice of road safety and regulations
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