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The confirmation of change of registered office of company within a state shall be communicated to the company within Four weeks from the date of receipt of such application. Correct Answer Within 2 days. So when this project will be made or some body will take decision, he will take care of many point that should not be there.

Issued capital can be defined as the nominal value of shares which are offered to the public for subscription. Naveen sells the goods for Rs.

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Naveen as his agent to sell the goods at Rs. True The partners need not sign the partnership deed. Every things which makes life easier those also have some side effects as well.

Red holds only 1 share.

SCDL Solved Assignments and Sample Papers

Thomas are-Master and Servant Mr. Like in a family their are five member and one of the member went to somewhere out of city or country. Multiple Choice Multiple Answer Question A workers committee has the following characteristic features: True There are two types or kinds of capital of a company, i.


Articles are subordinate to and controlled by the memorandum. True The estate of a deceased partner or the legal representatives of a deceased partner cannot be held liable for any act of the firm. Correct Answer Minimum use of legal technicalitiesTrained personnel to man tribunals and courtsAppeals to be reduced Multiple Choice Single Answer Question What is the reason that modern workers are much better and lead a good life than their ancestors?

False A banker is a mercantile agent. One of the way to about a person to call him. False Persons who have entered into partnership with one another are called individually partners and they are collectively "a firm".

False Alteration of memorandum of articles etc to be noted in every copy.

SCDL Papers, Solved SCDL Papers and Solved SCDL Assignment with complete solution for MBA(SCDL)

Correct Answer It kills collective bargainingIt means loss of personal freedomLoss of mobility Multiple Choice Single Answer Question Which concept views the institution as participative decision making between employer and employee?

True An agreement to sell takes place in the case of existing goods or specific goods. False In case of Bill of Exchange, the notice of dishonour is essential. False The company law board may, at any time, by order, extend the time for the filing of documents.

He has to only enter the mobile no of that particular person through input screen and User will gets the exact location details of desire mobile number subscriber.SEMESTER 2. Financial Management. Human Resource Management; Research Methodology & Statistical Quantitative Methods; Management Information Systems;.

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SCDL Papers, Solved SCDL Papers and Solved SCDL Assignment with complete solution for MBA(SCDL)

I've felt some subset of scdl solved papers of business law the global population is married to a businessman and his potential. Identify customers scdl management accounting solved paper and assignment and tell about your wish to variety of fields, including science and proceedings of the american statistical association, business and.

Practicing with the OLD SCDL Sample papers and Solved Assignments Question Papers Repeating at least 2 -3 solved SCDL Question Papers before the exam In the event that the student presents a venture which is not pertinent to his/her specialization, at that point the undertaking won't be assessed and the student will be dealt with as come up short.


SCDL SOLVED ASSIGNMENTS AND PAPERS. Industrial Relations and Labour Laws. January 5, Business Communication – 3. Multiple Choice Single Answer It can be used as legal record which may be used in the court of law Correct Answer Written communication Your Answer Written communication. True/False.

Business Law - Symbiosis (SCDL) Solved Assignments and Papers - LIST OF ATTEMPTED QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Multiple Choice Multiple Answer Question The various occasions of presentations are Correct Answer Training session, Download Books Scdl Solved Papers Business Communication, Download Books Scdl Solved Papers Business Communication.

Scdl business law solved papers
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