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Write Response sheet letter to a character in the book or a letter from one character to another. This is where we record really unique facts, and it will help students complete the culminating task-- writing an opinion about which bird has the most interesting way to help its young survive.

I point to the Comparison Chart and touch the words as we read each row. Video clips are such an incredible way to enhance instruction if they are thoughtfully chosen and relevant to the standards. Language Copy a sentence from the book that you think is well written.

If you were a character in this book, how would it affect the plot? Create a slogan for the book and explain why you chose this. Explain how the book reminds you of yourself, people you know, or of something that happened in your life T-S Connections.

List five facts you learned about the topic covered in the book or article. We recorded some key details about cranes here on our Comparison Chart. If you could be related to a character, who would it be and why?

Who do you think the culprit is? What do you think is the most important scene in the book? Tell why each word is interesting. Draw a picture of this character. Write your predictions about the story and tell whether or not they were right.

Describe parts of the book that puzzled you or made you ask questions. Describe the author"s craft: Explain how the book reminds you of other books, especially the characters, events, or setting T-T Connections. Find examples of figurative language in the text. Create a Venn diagram that compares the setting of this story with the area where you live.

Describe how the author makes you feel through their writing. Explain why or why not.

SSC CGL Tier I Exam 2016: Response sheet, answer keys released, check them here

Use each in a sentence of your own. Was the cover design effective? Do they add to the story? How have you changed after reading this book? Make a comic strip story, minimum of 3 frames Make a timeline of the events minimum 5 events in this story.

Explain what should happen. I culled through videos on puffins to find one that was age-appropriate, included the content I was looking for in this case, caring for chicksand also some cool new information.

Compare a character in your book to a character in another book you have read. I refer students to our current guiding question. Explain why you think that your book is popular with students in the class if it is popular with other readers in the class. Write about something that surprised you or that you found interesting.

Write a poem about your book.


We will be reading about a kind of bird called the puffin. Describe how this book is like other books by the same author, on the same topic, or in the same genre.

Draw a picture of the climax of the story. Explain the award and why this book received it. How do you think he or she would respond? Transform the major characters in your book to animals. Then, we add to the WOW section that the nest is on the ground and not in a tree.

Would boys and girls enjoy this book equally?Comment Response Sheet (CRS) Page 9 of 21 No. Section / Page Comment Response Remarks Establish a security management plan and provide sufficient training to the security personal; it has to provide a grievance mechanism for affected communities to express concerns.

PBS Project Student Response Sheet – Page 1. Project Student Response Sheet: Introduction: Anna Garcia was only 38 when she died; meaning that at least one of her body systems was no longer able to support life. The failure of one or more of her body systems may be the result of injury due to an accident or could be the result.

Start studying Student Response Sheet. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Responses to your surveys are neatly and automatically collected in Forms, with real time response info and charts. Or, take your data further by viewing it all in Sheets.

Share. Nov 28,  · I've been using Google forms in Classroom to collect questions on the videos I post. Google forms used to automatically create a Google sheet with the responses collected in it. Submission of online response sheet which will be forwarded to the examiner for assessment and whatever marks are assigned by the examiner on the response sheets will be treated as total out of ten (10) marks.

Response sheet
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