Research on paper towel absorbency

Some people depend on them for just about every cleaning task, while others save them for kitchen work. Using this sheets-per-ounce data, we were able to calculate the cost per ounce of liquid absorption for each paper towel.

Institutional paper towels are made to be to be put into metal dispenser cases. Viva shredded after six strokes, White Cloud and Great Value lasted just five, and Scott wore through after four. It took a while for it to catch on but now it is seen in almost every household.

It is also better because it is two-ply which makes it stronger. One of our multisurface testing tables. Cola is the most popular flavor of soda. Accident english essay help basic essay about yourself drug legalization essays where is a thesis statement found in an essay the functions of nucleic acids essay aqa joseph stalin research paper zambia lexxus dissertation war on drugs research paper keshav essay importance time our life license assignment failed for 1 group narrative essay about love video electrical engineering application essay essay logos ethos pathos meaning 2 research paper at non prose wala pang nasisimulan GG essayer des lunettes en ligne alain afflelou france washington university seattle graduate application essay golden retriever tail descriptive essay effect of watching television essay le projet blair witch explication essay environmental factors that influence self concept Research on paper towel absorbency i love sociology but writing an essay about it is boring me 2 death devolution scotland essay Essay submitted on the real Chernobyl diaries.

Weight First, we weighed a dry sheet of each paper towel. We poured the two ounces onto a wide plate and used a consistent motion for each brand to drag quartered sheets until the plate was completely dry to the touch.

Paper towels can be categorized into two types, domestic paper towels and institutional paper towels. Brawny feels cloth-like, which helps when washing floors and cleaning windows.

The Best Paper Towel

They recommended double-ply because it absorbs more than single-ply. Both have done detailed work in measuring the physical properties of each towel, as well as evaluating the softer criteria of feel and scrubbing strength.

Paper Towel Experiment

After folding each sheet three times, making eight layers of the paper towel, we dragged a sanding block across each sheet, using consistent speed and force to drag the sanding block with a string. A sheet of Bounty appeared to trap the most grease from the two strips of bacon, and the spot on the counter under it was dry to the touch.

An interesting fact is that if each person who lives in the state of Washington used just one towel per day it would generatetons of waste. Again, the more textured surface of these three towels probably explains their superior performance in this test.

The paper towel was 13 inches wide and 18 inches long. Clean it Fast Clean it Right. The reason they are called fluids is because they can fit the shape of any container they are placed in. We give the narrowest edge to Brawny for its soft feel, durability, and absorbency — for a price that beats Bounty.

We also tracked multiple reviews from Good HousekeepingConsumer Reportsand Real Simpleand we leaned on the obsessive paper towel research of blogger Len Penzo.

We then saturated the sheet with water, held it up until the water stopped dripping from the bottom edge, and weighed it again to see how much of the water remained within the sheet. In fact, all three picked up the wine relatively quickly and easily without having to exert much pressure.

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We then checked for tears after each swipe. This just beat out Bounty and more than doubled the performance of other brands. We weighed the towels both dry and wet to test their relative absorbency. Paper Towels and Liquid The paper towel was invented by Arthur Scott who was the head of a paper company.How Do Paper Towels Absorb Water?

By Danit Brown The small molecules that combine to make up cellulose are sugar molecules; that’s the key to the absorbency of paper towels. 8 page research complete. teachers give me freedom on my papers because i even have them wonder what's next.

multiple intelligences research paper values. While conducting research for my experiment, I found several similar experiments that tested how strong paper towels are and the absorbency of several brands. In one experiment, Bounty came in first place for absorbency and another experiment found that Sparkle worked best.

Paper towels also use the same principle to absorb other liquids and substances. However, it’s not just cellulose that makes paper towel absorbent. Once the paper has been cut into sheets, each sheet is indented with what appears to be just a pretty pattern.

The Best Paper Towel Brands

How We Tested Paper Towels Whether you're de-streaking grimy windows or sopping up spills, you want a paper towel that's absorbent.

The Paper Towel Experiment is a project about which type of paper can absorb more water.

Research on paper towel absorbency
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