Relationship between religiosity and prejudice psychology essay

These children were presented with 4 dolls, two of which were brown with black hair and two were white with yellow hair. For example, Dovidio, Evans and Tyler have found that informations relevant to a particular stereotype is accepted and processed more quickly than informations not related to that stereotype.

According to Kretch and Crutchfield, prejudice refers to some attitude or belief that serves to place the objects of the attitudes and beliefs at an advantage or disadvantage. The hostile acts of the outgroup are remembered while the friendly acts are forgotten.

According to Ansari group prejudice between Hindus and Muslims have been very strong and widespread to distort intergroup perception, judgement and evaluation of the qualities.

There was a significant positive correlation among these prejudices and religiousity, authoritarianism and anxiety, but these were negatively related to religious information.

The nature of prejudice is diverse. Though, certain methodological difficulty lies in studying young children, like the difficulty of measurement etc.

Relationship Between Psychology And Religion

Further, psychological insight of parents should be increased for psychological therapy. Prejudices virtually affect all of us and pose serious problems in personal and social life and cause unnecessary tensions, irritation, arrogance and friction and what not.

Sociologists and psychologists have been studying the relationship between faith and prejudice for half a century. On a follow up study-Gilbreth found that Princeton students checked many of the same traits for national groups in that Katz and Barely measured in Singh, Singh and Singh made a study on the development of caste consciousness among children between years of age.

High caste and low caste Muslims show significant difference in their religious and sex prejudices. One of the ways of reducing prejudice is to mould the view of different people into one.

High caste and low caste Muslim boys do not indicate any significant difference in religious, caste or sex prejudices. Prejudice creates all sorts of misunderstandings and dangerous gaps between persons, groups, nations and nationalities.

Parents often transmit their own prejudice to their children. The most common finding is that individuals of low socio economic status are most likely to have unfavourable attitudes towards blacks.

Stereotypes are over simplification of facts which are used to add meaning to certain facts out of a complex social environment. Specifically, gay people and atheists are perceived by many religious people as being in violation of religious values.

By controlling the negative attitude towards a minority group one can take steps to remove the environmental support to change prejudice. From tohowever, there was little interest in the field.

Contact becomes very effective when the two people cooperate in a mutually interdependent activity. Through this mechanism, they attribute uncomplimentary and mallacious characters to a specific group or race.

When certain minority or disadvantaged groups are provided with the advantage of reservation in admission to educational institution; in jobs and in various elections to political system, the unreserved category develop prejudice towards these groups.

Essay on Prejudice

The persons involved must view one another as typical of their respective groups. If all people become equal in everything, probably there will be very less prejudice which is, of course, practically impossible.

Studies on prejudice have been made on the sociological, cultural, psychological determinants of prejudice.

Psychology of Prejudice - Assignment Example

Integration of elementary school education i. It is a judgement before actually coming in contact with the object or stimulus on which the judgement is passed. It is a prejudice. A negative attitude automatically develops towards those people shown in dirty dress, unclean dialapated cottages, growing in poverty and illiteracy, uttering faulty languages.

Findings indicated that while the urban students had higher religious and gender prejudices, the rural students had more religious information than the other groups. Today, the pressure is more on social and economic stereotypes in the development of prejudice. Mohanty made an attempt to find out whether children of different groups formed on the basis of caste, religion and sex differ or not in caste, religious and sex prejudices.

Initially we find small children do not have any feeling of discrimination. Most studies indicate that religious individuals are less likely to engage in extramarital sexual behavior or to use illicit drugs.

So, parent should be given training not to teach their children to hate anybody, not to develop feeling of discrimination, annoyance and irritation without any real basis.

High caste Hindu boys show significantly greater sex prejudice than high caste Hindu girls. But the relationship between socio-economic status and prejudice against blacks is not significant. In order to get accurate information in this regard, studies on prejudice are to be made in the Indian climate, Indian socio-economic conditions and in the prespective of the uniqueness of the Indian society, Indian and Western societies are different culturally, economically and politically.In describing the relationship between religious Involvement and prejudice.

it must first be noted, as described in our book. "almost all the research on. The Social Psychology of Religion, Prejudice and Intergroup Processes. Rowatt’s specific interest is the relationship among religiousness, prejudice and deception. The relationship between religiosity and various kinds of such as prejudice, whilst intrinsic religiosity was a more your entire essay is.

In this essay we will discuss about Prejudice. After reading this essay you Essay on Prejudice. on the relationship between religion and prejudice. The Nature Of Prejudice Psychology Essay. Print or religious stereotypes. The relationship between stereotyping and prejudice can be explained through.

The specific relationship between religion and prejudice, Because it emerged from the field of social psychology, This example Religious Prejudice Essay is.

Relationship between religiosity and prejudice psychology essay
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