Online reservation and billing system thesis

Persons involved for the implementation of this study are the manager, staff members and customers. Security; Speed; Record keeping? Records are valuable because of the information they contain and that information is only useable if it is correctly and legibly recorded in the first place, is then kept up to date, and is easily accessible when needed.

INTRODUCTION Systematic management of records allow organization to know what records they have, and locate them easily, increase efficiency and effectiveness, make savings in administrations costs both in staff time and storage, support decision making, be accountable, achieve business objectives and targets, provide continuity in the event of a disaster, meet legislative and regulatory requirements, protect the interests of employees and clients.

Room reservations are also included in this study. This will enhance our knowledge and skills on how to make our program successfully. This will lead to the improvement of the current system they are using and for the betterment of the establishment.

The researchers used the descriptive type of survey methods where they distributed questionnaires to the respondent of Hotel Pension House as a research instrument for data gathering.

It seeks the answers of the following questions: Records in hotels are not commonly found in archives but when such records survive and find their way to an archives the information contained in the records are beneficial to a variety of researchers, including students, genealogists, and academics.

This will contribute for the betterment Hotel Pension House. This will give them convenient and contentment for the processing of their data will be faster than before.

The researchers have done their best to make the program better.

For customers Through this study, the customers would not find it hard to consume their time and effort in booking. What are the difficulties encountered by the employees of the said Hotel Pension House in their present booking system?

It will contribute to the success of the business and to gain the trust of their customers. The proposed program focuses only to the check-in and check-out process and reservation of the customers. Due to their manual recording system, the hotel is experiencing a little bit of delay in their transactions, much time also is wasted in preparing forms and retrieving files.

To enable the staff and employees of the hotel to have a fast processing of their booking system; To have a convenient way of entering customers data without any delay; To save their time and effort in listing manually the needed data; To retrieve data anytime; To have a more secure and private records or files; To have accurate details of data needed.

Hotel Room Reservation and Billing System The reliability and assurance of the functionality of the proposed program, it was already tested and checked by the adviser and carefully judged by the panel of judges.

Activities involved are entry of data, accessing results and reports, retrieving of data, billing and printing. The result of the study were the basis in coming up with program that is more convenient compared to the old system of the hotel.

List of Thesis Title for IT Student

For the researchers This study would serve as our reference or guide for future purposes.Computerized hotel reservation and billing system is very useful on every hotels.

The proponents decided to develop a computerized hotel reservation and billing system with SMS Technology for Elison Hotel which is located atBalanga City, Bataan.

Statement of the Problem Every company has a problem that can be solved with the help of different. Hotel Information with Online Reservation and Billing System is a transaction processing system that would help speed up the operation of Yuj Inn Hostel. The proponents intend to develop a system that will contribute to the company’s growth, thereby may result in a profitable increase for the corporation.

Hotel Room Reservation and Billing System. The main purpose of this study was to create a program that will automate the current system used by the said hotel. Hotel Reservation System Hotel Billing and Reservation System; Hotel Reservation Using PHP; list of thesis title for IT student.

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Room Reservation System Documentation, Release Viewing Room Reservation Requests Tracking Requests Made •Description and Priority This is a medium priority feature which allows the users to.

BugHotel Reservation System was designed to simplify the task of online booking. It provides users a unique, intuitive and easy to use interface that improves the way people use the web today.

Online reservation and billing system thesis
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