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Beehives and basalt columns are constituted by hexagons, bubbles adopt a spherical shape, thermodynamics are ruled by the principle of minimum energy, and rock formations partially collapse until they adopt the simplest structure able to withstand their own weight Those were the times when I travelled like millions of tourists do: I have reduced my Monthly essay equipment to the minimum and become used to working with fully mechanical cameras where bells and whistles have been exchanged for a total absence of interruptions and instant gratification.

I have learnt to appreciate mist, rain and snow as powerful elements of Monthly essay and reduction. Edge - Norway Today, as an artist committed to photography as a medium of self expression, I fully embrace the value of "less is Monthly essay in photography.

The first step was realizing the truth of that old adage "we do not photograph subjects, Monthly essay the light reflected by them. Nowadays, I try to understand and love a place for what it is at that time, not for what I would like it to be as although the landscape is dynamic, our preconceptions are nothing but static expectations.

In a th of a second, a photograph can be created by merely pressing a button. I discovered the magic of witnessing the very same landscape under the light of sunrise, sunset, noon and night, and under sunny, stormy, cloudy or grey skies. A dangerous combination, and always a guarantee of frustration.

I learned how light quality, its direction and colour affected subject matter, and more importantly, how it implied different emotional connotations in the resulting photographs.

I could just show up at any location, take my camera out and snap THE photograph. Was the landscape, after all, only the playground where the real game was taking place? With such a realization, I was baffled. The landscape, after all, was a canvas on which light was poured onto.

The very same landscape could adopt a minimalistic Zen character submerged by the mist, become a blank canvas of white under the snow or shake agitatedly under gusty winds.

I know that every day, the place will be different. Photography, by its very nature, could be defined as the "easiest" of all mediums: Less is more Monthly Essay: I am also aware that I can visit a certain place every day of my life, never managing to "capture" it completely.

However, this apparent straightforwardness becomes its main difficulty. When visiting a location, I allow myself plenty of time. I am also convinced that each of those faces will be equally valid, legitimate, and true. Composition, or the "strongest way of seeing" as Edward Weston used to call it, becomes vital.

My formerly complicated and orchestral landscapes have slowly turned into simpler and bolder compositions where paragraphs have been exchanged for simple sentences.

In my travels, I decided to visit less in more time, to photograph less but to feel more. Years later, the architect and furniture designer Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe, one of the founders of modern architecture and an advocate of simplicity of style, would adopt that sentence and work philosophy, leading to the public mistakenly assuming him to be at the origin of that expression.

Light, weather, timing, astral juxtapositions Making an abstraction of what is seen, identifying the message to be conveyed, including and arranging the elements in the photograph that will highlight that message and eliminating everything else from the frame are unavoidable steps to be made if one wants to create a meaningful and strong photograph.

The Dynamic Landscape By J.

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Well, less is more, Lucrezia. The moon, the sun, the milky way, the auroras Ana Flores March 2, 0 One of the things I have learnt after years of photographing the world is how dynamic all landscapes are.

Monthly Essay: The Dynamic Landscape

The places I once thought unique happened to have a zillion different faces. I too, thought that all variables related to the photographic possibilities were strictly limited to those imposed by the space.

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The Dynamic Landscape Monthly Essay: Also, in my opinion, there are few fields in science or art where this idea becomes as true, and as necessary. One single forest was actually four: During my years in a scientific background, I learnt how all processes in nature happen in ways which minimize the amount of energy needed.

They were there, just waiting for me to be discovered, ready to show me that unique face I thought they had. There are too many faces for just one life.Who strive - you don't know how the others strive To paint a little thing like that you smeared Carelessly.

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Eastern Time on the last day of. June: An Exceptional Weekend from WWII: Meeting Up with the Boys May: The Hidden Garden April: The Day Before April. Monthly Essays In October I began writing a series of monthly essays on effective regulation. Each month a new essay is posted on my homepage and emailed to over 3, people across the country and the globe.

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