How to survive an ied

My left forearm was covered in road rash, my knuckles were worn flat, my elbow was swollen and stiff, and my forearm had a knot from landing on my weapon.

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The report raised concerns associated with MRAP vehicles snagging on low-hanging power lines in Iraq or its antennas getting close enough to create an electric arc, which may lead to the electrocution of the passengers.

This protects your ear drums as much as possible and tucking your arms in at your side protect the artery that runs on the inside of the arm. Init was unknown what the U. He had disappeared into the crowd.

I made sure that he was all right, helped him get untangled, and then got him back into the truck. Michael Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. I was ejected into the road and slid for about 30 metres before coming to a halt.

For example, why did the rear seats face inward instead of outward, which would allow them to fire their weapons through ports, which some versions even lacked.

And close your eyes to prevent dust and debris from hampering your vision after the grenade attack. In many of the rollovers, troops were injured, and in two separate incidents five soldiers have been killed by rolling over into a canal and getting trapped under water.

SAA Soldiers Survive IED Attack

Once on the ground you have lowered your profile significantly, reducing the amount of shrapnel you are exposed to. The height and steepness of the dropdown stairs at the rear of some versions can make exiting the vehicle dangerous.

2018 WARRIOR TASKS - Skill Level 1

They had run into a problem on their way back to Marez and they needed our gun trucks to pull security, and somebody to take command and control over the situation. The concussion of the blast blew off one of the windows and rattled through the truck, causing all of the doors to blow open.

I stepped off the bird, and my CO re-enlisted me right in front of the flag I am so proud to defend. Next you want to cover your ears with your hands, tucking your elbows in at your sides.

Soldiers Survive IED Explosion

All crew survived The MRAP may not be effective against Explosively Formed Penetrators EFPwhich use an explosive charge to propel a specially shaped metal plate at high velocity while simultaneously deforming it into an armor-piercing projectile.

He was knocked halfway out of the truck and was hanging on by the cables of the radio. Use of EFPs in the Iraq war more than doubled inand as of was expected to continue to increase. The medic cut my sleeve and saw that I had lacerations and a lot of swelling on my left forearm and elbow.

There is really no way to describe what goes through your mind when you think you are going to die. I have an amazing wife waiting for me back home. Lastly, the information shown at the end of the video explains how this technique can be slightly modified to save the life of someone your are with.

When I got up I looked around me, and saw Iraqi civilians harvesting their wheat in the fields like nothing had happened.Feb 23,  · This is a very impressive and shocking video: Iraqi insurgents (or better: terrorists) try to kill the soldiers in a patrolling HMMWV.

'I survived being blown up by an IED'

The IED (Improved Explosive Device) was placed below the asphalt. Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills Warrior Task and Battle Drill (WTBD) is defined as a skill taught in either Basic Combat Training or One Station Unit Training to train Soldiers how to survive in combat.

Best Way to Survive an IED or Hand Grenade Attack I originally posted this video on the FightFast facebook page shortly after the tragic events at the Boston Marathon. This video was created a few years back, but recent events make it all the more relevant.

'I survived being blown up by an IED' On the way to his re-enlistment ceremony in Iraq, Daniel Weber's Humvee was bombed by an improvised explosive device (IED). He describes to Nicole Baker the. An IED, as mentioned above is an Improvised Explosive Device.

Its components come from ordinary everyday materials such as pipes, pieces of cloth or fabric, fertilizer, nails, broken glass or any. VISO Trailers / YouTube Improvised explosive devices (IED) are one of the deadliest weapons facing U.S. troops in combat, and surviving an IED blast is no easy feat.

Aside from a healthy dose of.

How to survive an ied
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