How good is it to build a factory near a community

But I believe, people of my locality are happy with their current economic condition. The most serious one must be environmental pollution, particularly in regards to polluting the water and making noises.

Moreover, the life risk of industrial accidents over local lives cannot be disregarded. It is common that a factory will absorb many employments, and for efficiency, it will give priority in hiring the local people.

It is often observed that a locality having a large factory or industry offers better economic freedom than an ordinary urban area. The local people will have a wide variety of mental lives. An example is charity.

To conclude, I would say that large factories do have advantages like more employment and more revenue but it should not impact the residential areas. When people can earn money and have jobs to do, the society will not only be lighten this kind of burden it is carrying but also assist to reduce others.

As a result, children will have to stop playing at the playgrounds in the society and their mental and physical growth would be hampered. The proper measures must be in place to reduce the negative impacts of byproducts on the environment.

This tells us how important factories are. Obviously, if we build the factories, it will decrease the rate of unemployment. With the advent of a factory in the area could lead to spoiling the ambience of the park and the locality.

So I would strongly oppose the idea of establishing a factory near my community. This factory will destroy the calm and neat environment we currently have. A large factory can be responsible for high noise pollution, water pollution and air pollution.

The advantages and disadvantages of building factory near the urban area.

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this new influence on your community. It is the same when in comes to the proposed factory being built near my community.

English Mar 27, In the process of making products, it causes many problems and making so much noises could be one of them. In my opinion, the benefits of having a factory near my community are out-weighted by the risks. What difficulties your community will face from the establishment of the large factory?

In most of the cases, the direct employees are under the highest threat. Local residents will pay for renting or purchasing of properties due to increasing the density of population.

Even after so many new concepts around residential buildings and modern cities, the basic concept of separating the industrial area from the residential area has remained strong among the city architects and its adoption has been worldwide.

In addition, since a factory needs employees to work in it, it will tackle the unemployment problem. For example, the waste water from the factory might be directly flown into the local river and contaminated the surrounding environment.

This leads to diseases, allergies and sometimes even epidemics. As we all know that every coin has two sides, so it is when it comes to the proposed factory built near my community.

First of all, many industries require a large piece of land and generally, it is acquired by deforestation or seizing fertile farmland. Because this factory needs the better quality of roads, transportation will be improved for local citizens. In fact, it can bring benefits to this locality while it cannot do to another.

However, speaking of the diadvantages, environment pollution would be the biggest one and social problems might be caused as well. Its residents will not have to travel a long distance downtown to go shopping or to visit health center to see doctors. Written - by Darwin Lesmana Alternative Answer 3: Answer Submitted by Rahul Rashu.

The last but not least advantage is that since many jobs and opportunities are offered, a large factory moves many people with different cultures and thoughts to the community. Another point is that while building factories and even after, it brings on serious traffic problems.Feb 22,  · There is a factory near my house and they usually produce some kind of irons or metals.

That factory truly make so much noises that I can’t even sleep at night. In this case, I would really oppose the plan for constructing factories near our communities. Another point is that while building factories and even after, it brings on serious traffic. Title and request: A company has announce that it wishes to build a large factory near your killarney10mile.coms the advantages and disadvantages of this new influence on your you support or oppose that factory?Explain your position.

The advantages and disadvantages of a new factory near your community

Plz help me to make it more native and reasonable,thanks very much^ ^ As we all know that. If the factory is build in the place near the urban area, it certainly have some advantage, but I think the harm do more than good. I live in the urban area of a big city.

The basic use of urban area is to give a comfortable living place for citizens. In the whole, new factories bring good opportunities to a community but the risk it creates by increasing the environment pollution is too much.

In my opinion, the benefits of having a factory near my community are out-weighted by the risks. That is why I strongly oppose the establishment of a new factory near my community.

Dec 01,  · Should a factory be built in your community? There must still be negative thoughts that a factory should not be set up near a community. Although it is likely that no one totally oppose against the opinion, a serious consideration for the advantages and disadvantages of growing a factory in a certain place is a logical.

My community in which I’m living is developing day by day so that there is a great chance that a factory will be built near my community. I don’t know when or how it will happen in the future but for now, if a company expresses a wish to build a large factory in our area, I will definitely say a “NO”.

How good is it to build a factory near a community
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