Explode the moment writing activity for grade

EXplode A Moment - Using Sensory Details in Writing to Zoom in on a Short Period of Time

After our initial write, we went back and made edits as necessary until we were happy with the result! We were going so fast, I closed my eyes. The drive home was quick. Two to a seat! The bar came down across my lap.

Make a Splash! Using Dramatic Experience to

They loop de looped. The tracks twisted and turned. Roller Coaster Small Moment By: This is an appropriate time to create a criteria chart with students for the Explode the Moment Graphic Organizer.

Have students take short breaks to share with a partner what they are writing; they should discuss how they are adding details to "explode the moment.

Consider having them choose one of the events from their brainstorming in Session 3. We spent the latter part of this week editing and revising our writing and students will be bringing these home next week.

Focus students on grammar and spelling. Have students take a previously published piece of their own writing and choose a moment to revise using the "explode the moment" technique. We read the book Roller Coaster!

Exploding the Moment Activity

As I stepped off of the stopped ride, my legs felt wobbly. In a moment, I noticed the car slowing down until it slowly stopped moving. Use the Interactive Timeline tool in small groups to help students who are struggling to narrow their focus. Allow students to talk out each sensory detail what they said, thought, felt, heard, did, and saw.

Play exploding the moment video and discuss. We knew that small moments should be something that we had a good deal of emotion about because this would help us to really tune into our senses and add some great specific detail. My stomach flip-flopped nervously as the metal tracks rumbled overhead.

A few kid-friendly author sites include: We began by writing a class small moment about a roller coaster ride together, using the ideas we had brainstormed. We were pretty proud of our small moment and felt ready to try our hand at writing our own small moments.

Having identified the moment the remainder of the class can be used by each student to write an exploded moment directly related to their story. My hands felt sweaty on the metal surface. Have students continue brainstorming memorable moments see end of Session 3 for five to ten minutes.

Model how to use the tool and then allow students alone or with a friend to use the timeline to break an event down into smaller moments. You should have seen how everyone jumped right into this writing!• Students will revise by adding “showing” details in their own writing drafts by using a combination of high and low levels of abstraction and by exploding the moment.

Class activities: 1. Introduce exploding the moment. 2. Play exploding the moment video and discuss.

Play the first of the video. Find this Pin and more on Writing: explode a moment, show don't tell, elaboration by Robin Parma. Casey At the Bat adaptation by Patricia Polacco So much fun to read.

This adaptation is very accessible to primary students. Common Core Literature Book Sets from kindergarten through high school.

Belongs to: Production and Distribution of Writing related instructional resources more information LAFSW Recall relevant information from experiences or gather relevant information from print and digital sources; take notes and categorize information, and provide a list of sources.

Explode the Moment! In second grade, we have been hard at work on narrative writing these past few weeks. We already know a LOT about the narrative writing diamond, but it was time to take our writing to the next level!

In this lesson students learn to elaborate or "explode moments" in their writing by using descriptive language. After hearing excerpts from popular chapter books that use vivid, sensory language, students participate in a dramatic experience as a springboard for a shared writing activity.

Using the "Explode the Moment" graphic organizer, have students revise the original sentence into an "exploded moment." This activity works well right before the revision step of the writing process. After this activity, have students reread their own narratives (or a buddy's writing) and choose a place to add more sensory details.

Explode the moment writing activity for grade
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