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There are then certain dangerous developments in the society. The breakdown of social norms and sudden social changes that are characteristic of modern times, encourage anomie suicide. These three kinds of suicide understood as social types also correspond approximately to psychological types.

They consider that self-destruction would prevent the breakdown of social unity. Durkheim primarily studies the effect of social integration thought the religious communities.

Suicide and Durkheim Essay

Hence, Durkheim generalised that the lack of integration is the main cause of egoistic suicide. The author Ken Browne emphasized the fact that Durkheim made a special accent on social restrictions such as religious communities as the way to keep the behavior of the society members in a certain limits, including suicide.

Durkheim used a number of statistical records to establish his Essay durkheim suicide theory idea that suicide is also a social fact and social order and disorder are at the very root of suicide. People with fragile or weaker ties to their community are more likely to take their own lives than people who have stronger ties.

It takes place as a result of extreme loneliness and also out of excess individualism. It is known that the Catholic Church is more powerfully integrated than the Protestant church. When the collective conscience weakens, men fall victim to anomie suicide.

Though the evidence provided by the author reveals a new factor that has been missed by Durkheim, it still underestimates that importance other factors only concentrating on the alcohol abuse issue. The authors emphasize the notion that community norms do not necessarily prohibit suicide, but take it as a fact and in such cases sometimes religious communities fail to provide the vital positive support.

The significance of the motives in the life of every human being is not to be underestimated according to the author of the article, because motives are the driving forces of the behavioral manifestations of each person. The act of suicide is nothing but the manifestation of these currents.

Durkheim has thrown light on the various faces of suicide. He also found that Catholicism is able to integrate its members more fully into its fold. The article perfectly examines the two factors Durkheim believes influence the suicide risk the most — the community support and the prohibition of suicide and concludes that the decrease of suicide in Catholic communities if present is primarily actual for the elderly and the suicide risk should not be based on the different between the Catholics and Protestants.

Durkheim is of the firm belief that suicide is not an individual act or a private and personal action.

Essay on Durkheim’s Theory of Suicide

The main priority of the sociologists is to define these reasons in order to prevent the performance of such behavior. A sudden change has its vibrations both in social life and social relationship, which paves way for suicide. The impact of alcohol, divorce, and unemployment on suicide 5.

The connection between religion and suicide that has been drawn by Durkheim is being criticized in the most professional way.

Having dismissed explanations of extra-social factors, Durkheim proceeds to analyse the types of suicide. Nevertheless, each of the articles has one priority — to find to true treason of suicidal behavior and stop it.

It means that even high level of social solidarity induces suicide. The impact of alcohol, divorce, and unemployment on suicide: They are stated below:The analysis of the next three articles represents three different points of view on suicidal behavior in terms of Durkheim’s theory.


Denomination, religious context, and suicide. This article written by Frank van Tubergen, Manfred te Grotenhuis and Wout Ultee is opposing Durkheim’s theory. Durkheim-Economic Inequality in the American Society INTRODUCTION Emile Durkheim’s theory of social function seeks to portray the society as being arranged by layers that have different structures.

According to Durkheim, each of these social structures has practical uses. In spite of its limitations, Durkheim’s suicide study has really influenced the control theory proponents (Pope & Danigelis, ). Durkheim came up with four categories of suicide which included Egoist suicide, Fatalistic suicides, Altruist suicide alongside Anomic suicide (Thompson, ).

Essay on Durkheim’s Theory of Suicide – Durkheim’s third famous book “Suicide” published in is in various respects related to his study of division of labour.

“Suicide”, the act of taking one’s own life, figures prominently in the historical development of sociology because it was the subject of the first sociological data to test a theory. Free Essay: Durkheim's Theory of Suicide The main purpose of this document is to give an explanation to Durkheim’s theory in the light of his sociological.

Durkheim's Theory of Suicide Essay example Words | 10 Pages. Durkheim's Theory of Suicide The main purpose of this document is to give an explanation to Durkheim’s theory in the light of his sociological analysis of suicide.

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