Edith hamilton mythology essay questions

The award was created in to honor women of accomplishment and inspire others. Edith spent her youth among her extended family in Fort Wayne. Instead, Hamilton focused on readability and uncovering "truths of the spirit," which she found from ancient writers.

They were married in In Washington, Reid was in charge of the local offices of Loomis, Sayles and Companyan investment firm that had been her employer since ; Hamilton continued to write and frequently entertained friends, fellow writers, government representatives, and other dignitaries at her home.

In Hamilton became head administrator of Bryn Mawr School. Hamilton also taught Latin to girls in the senior class during her twenty-six-year career at Bryn Mawr School in Baltimore. She accomplishes this, according to one writer, by showing that "behind all great thought stands an individual mind, fired by passion and possessed of an eye that sees deeply into humanity.

Several of her early articles were published in Theater Arts Monthly before she began writing the series of books on ancient Greek and Roman life for which she is most noted. Earlier heroes were superhuman individuals, who fought alone against monsters and strange creatures, while the Trojan heroes fought whom?

It was also a Book-of-the-Month Club selection in He became a writer, professor of Spanishand assistant dean for foreign students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Both women are buried at Cove Cemetery in Hadlyme, Connecticut. To whom was Helen married? How did the Greek gods act?

The cash award from Bryn Mawr provided funds to enable Edith and Alice, who had completed her medical degree at the University of Michigan into pursue further studies in Germany for an academic year. Her best-selling books were especially noteworthy for their accessibility to a wide readership and for "representing the Greeks in particular as a prestigious source of cultural inspiration for American society during the decade before and the two decades after World War II.

The mayor of Athens made her an honorary citizen of the city. Arthur was the only sibling to marry; he and his wife, Mary Neal d.

Edith Hamilton

It was a moral tale that taught proper behavior toward whom? As Hamilton became increasingly frustrated with the situation at the school, her health also declined. Edith became an educator and renowned author; Alice became a founder of industrial medicine; [12] Margaret, like her older sister, Edith, became an educator and headmistress at Bryn Mawr School ; [13] and Norah was an artist.

Why did Hercules kill his wife and children? When a Trojan prince called Paris was asked to judge a beauty contest between three goddesses, who bribed him with the offer of the most beautiful woman in the world?

Mythology Short Answer Test - Answer Key

She believed that the original oral form of most legends was unrecoverable and, in any case, would be less interesting than the later literary treatments of these stories. Her father also introduced her to Greek language and literature, where her mother taught the Hamilton children French and had them tutored in German.

Critically praised for its "vivid and graceful prose," the book brought Hamilton immediate acclaim and established her reputation as a scholar. Allendirector of the United States Information Agency USIA and one of the speakers at the award ceremony, remarked that her interpretation of the democratic spirit of ancient Greece, defined "the fundamental of the democratic ideal itself.

Reid and Hamilton became lifelong companions. She received the award along with Anna M. Kennedywas assassinated, Robert was consumed with grief. Hamilton "claimed special expertise in Greek," but after her graduation from Bryn Mawr College, where she majored in Greek and Latin, she spent another year at the college as a fellow in Latin and another year studying Latin in Germany.

Using the qualities and styles of the ancient writers, she emulated their directness, strived for perfection, and did not include footnotes. Who composed the Odyssey?At the end of your essay, include a Sources Consulted list in MLA format.

Include a citation for Mythology by Edith Hamilton, and the resources you used for research. Mythology quiz that tests what you know. Perfect prep for Mythology quizzes and tests you might have in school. Edith Hamilton's Mythology. Introduction study questions.

1. According to Hamilton, how does Greek mythology differ from the folklore of other ancient cultures? Mythology is a book by Edith Hamilton that was first published in Test your knowledge of Mythology with our quizzes and study questions, or go View More> Study Questions; Suggestions for Further Reading; Writing Help.

Get ready to write your paper on Mythology with our suggested essay topics, sample essays, and more. How to Write. Edith Hamilton's Mythology Homework Help Questions. What are some companies,stores, and modern day places named after Hephaestus?(He was the God of. Edith Hamilton Study Questions Part I: Chapters Fill in the chart using the information in chapter 1.

Greek Name (Roman Name) Parents Area of Control Symbol, Animal, Plant Personality Traits Cronus and Rhea The home; the hearth Cronus and Rhea Goddess of corn and.

Edith hamilton mythology essay questions
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