Chapter 6 cost acctg de leon

The system is accessed by entering a pre-established application-id at the DCPS logo banner screen.

The Payroll Office Tables contain data which can vary between payroll offices and must be maintained by each payroll office to meet its specific needs.

Complete description of these tables can be found in Section C, Chapter 1. This action is followed by entering the assigned user-id and password.

Reference tables are used to determine which types of earnings are subject to taxes and retirement deductions. Some portions of the manual are sent to all users, with the Payroll Office user receiving a complete manual.

Take time to review the manual, familiarize yourself with the new layout. Information on the purpose, content and distribution of reports can be found in Section F of this manual.

Payroll Office tables contain data which can vary between payroll offices; which must be maintained by each payroll office to meet its specific needs. Annually this process stores new records reflecting accumulative retirement deductions.

All manual pay adjustments will be processed by the payroll office. This authorization type has access to all the options available on the Remote Disbursing Reports Menu. This function will primarily be used to inform users of an impending on-line system shutdown.

DCPS security is established to allow decentralized control of user-ids and passwords for payroll office and employing activity Customer Service Representative personnel.

The tables are categorized as central or payroll office based on the responsibility for maintenance. D Work Schedule Change The user-id is a seven character identification assigned to each system user.

Changing or A-6 Introduction REL June 03, expiring a password forces the user to enter a new password during their next system access. Users who log-on sign-on to the system after a broadcast message has been transmitted will see the entire message displayed to a new screen after entering the User-ID and Password.

Bond details will be deleted after being reported. For activities collecting time and attendance as part of a labor collection system, DCPS will accept time and attendance data in the format specified in the Source Data Automation SDA interface specification.

A-3 Manual Pay Adjustments. This password is valid for one access attempt and must be changed by the user during their next sign-on.

Detailed explanations of mass updates are contained in Section E, Chapter 6. Retro corrections to time and attendance data can be accomplished for those pay periods which are within the History Limit, i.

Additionally, a few circumstances may require an adjustment to processing for situations which DCPS does not accommodate at this time, e. For details about the different options, see the identified pages in each section of this manual. Menus are located at the beginning of the applicable section.

Further information about setting security can be found in Section B, Getting Started. Time and attendance and labor data is input via online access directly into the payroll office database or as batch input from a time and attendance collection system SDA - Source Data Automation external to DCPS.

Standard and operational reports will be produced for all payroll offices. DCPS has been developed as a table driven system. After the message interrupt, the underscores and some color attributes will be lost until another transaction is started.

Detailed explanations of the various tables are contained in Section C, Chapters 1 and 2. Your manual contains menus based on your user type, with the Payroll Office user receiving copies of all menus.

These table updates are incorporated into the system for all users at the same time, thereby ensuring uniformity in payroll processing.

The biweekly pay process is divided into three distinct processes: DCPS provides on-line processing for each of these functions. The system is designed to allow on-line update of employee data until the payroll office has determined that all Employee Updates and Time and Attendance data has been entered and that payroll is ready to be run.

Employee data, including adjustments, are input to DCPS using on-line data terminals or interface files. The CDR users also input work schedule changes and time and attendance for both retroactive and current pay periods. Running payroll, all associated reports and interfaces, is done in a batch mode.

All changes must be made using the appropriate on-line screens. Data for each report includes the report number, title, purpose of report, field names, and field descriptions.Domondon Taxation Notes - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Chapter 6 cost acctg de leon
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