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Friends, dear and near ones are invited for sharing cakes, pithas and sweets. During the evening, cattle are fed specially made rice items called pitha. Today, cultural programs are held based on Bihu bhogali bihu essay help and songs, accompanied by traditional musical instruments like the Dhol, Toka, Pepa, etc.

Hence, it is characterized by lots of merriment, gaiety, songs and dance. Bhogi day is therefore also meant for Domestic Activities. There are other conventional festivals observed by various ethnic-cultural groups. The major attraction of this festival is the Buffalo fights.

The ears of paddy make appearance. People spend the day with their near and dear ones. Every Assamese, irrespective of cast, creed, or religion, observes this festival whole heartedly. Assam is the state of agriculture and Bihu is a festival that commemorates major agricultural events.

People young and old put on new clothes.

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Thus, the festival marks the advent of Assamese New year. Our American Dream essays have been in for over a month.

In the evening the cows are tied with new ropes. People welcome the day with songs and dance. There bhogali bihu essay help also exchange of sweets and greetings at this time.

It is significant that Bihu festival has no religious basis and is open to all caste and communities. Rongaali Bihu is the most important Bihu among the three Bihus.

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The Magh Bihu or the Bhogaali Bihu celebrates the culmination of the harvesting period. Thus, Magh Bihu is a festival of feasting.

On the other hand, Bhogaali Bihu is celebrated in January after the cultivation is harvested. People put on new clothes.

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Bihu Festival Essay-2 Bihu is the national festival of Assam, which marks three distinct phases of the farming calendar for paddy, the native crop of Assam.

Ham and cheese wrap descriptive essay l2 pavel s research papers? They appear gay with new leaves. Thereafter they come back home carrying pieces of half burnt firewood for being thrown among fruit trees for favourable results. The third day is Gosai Gods bihu; statues of Gods, worshiped in all households are cleaned and worshiped asking for a smooth new year.

Bihu is the chief festival of the people of Assam celebrated by everyone irrespective of caste, creed, and race. Essay on the Bihu Festival Article shared by Assam, known as the land of blue hills and red river, is also a land of many feasts and festivals, which are marked by music, dance, mirth, gaiety, community sharing, and spiritual colouring.

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The village boys take their cows to the nearest river or pond for washing. Bihu is a non-religious and secular festival, and everyone, irrespective of religion, caste and creed celebrates this occasion with joy and merriment.

Now-a-days the traditional celebrations are found only in rural areas while Bihu celebrations in cities and towns are characterised by community functions and entertainments. The farmers prepare the fields for cultivation of paddy and there is a feeling of joy around.

Writing a Dissertation for Masters??? Rongali Bihu is also a fertility festival, where the bihu dance with its sensuous movements using the hips, arms, etc. Bihu Festival Essay-3 Bihu Festival is a set of three unique cultural festivals of Assam that is celebrated by the Assamese around the world.

The koch celebrates this bihu as pushna. On this day, earthen lamps saki are lit at the foot of the household tulsi plant, the granary, the garden bari and the paddy fields. Bohaag Bihu or Rongaali Bihu is the most popular of all and marks the arrival of spring season.

The main reason of the bonfire is to make the weather warm to the last time of the winter season.

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Bhogali Bihu (Bhogi) Festival. Bhogali Bihu (also known as Bhogi or Magh Bihu) is actually a harvest festival mainly celebrated in Assam. Bhogi or Bogi festival is celebrated in the honour of Lord Indra, God of Clouds and Rains. THE BIHU INTRODUCTION: Festivals are necessary for us to remove dullness of life - The Bihu introduction.

Life with out merriments or festivities becomes monotonous and festivals remove such monotony and give mental refreshment.

The Bihu is a great national festival of the Assamese people. Every Assamese, irrespective of cast, creed, or. Bhogali Bihu (mid-January, also called Magh Bihu) comes from the word Bhog that is eating and enjoyment. It is a harvest festival and marks the end of harvesting season. Since the granaries are full, there is a lot of feasting and eating during this period.

Essay on the Bihu Festival Article shared by Assam, known as the land of blue hills and red river, is also a land of many feasts and festivals, which are marked by music, dance, mirth, gaiety, community sharing, and spiritual colouring.

Magh Bihu (মাঘ বিহু) (also called Bhogali Bihu (ভোগালী বিহু) (Bihu of eating foods and enjoyment) or Maghar Domahi (মাঘৰ দোমাহী) is a harvest festival celebrated in Assam, India, which marks the end of harvesting season in the month of Maagha (January–February).

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