Benefits of astral projection

Once you separate from your body, you absolutely know that you continue. When we separate from our physical body and actively explore our surroundings, we know deep down that we have become the ultimate explorers.

It provides us irrefutable personal evidence Benefits of astral projection we are immortal. As our world becomes progressively more complex, there is an inner need to discover the unseen reason behind the rapid physical changes we perceive around us.

It allows us to explore beyond the narrow limits of our physical senses. This inner excitement also stems from the fact that we are blazing a path much ahead of our time.

Without a doubt, out-of-body experiences provide firsthand, verifiable evidence of our ability to exist independent of our physical body. How can I determine the dimension or energy level I am exploring?

These questions and many more can be answered only through personal experience. Control is the key to a productive, meaningful experience, and control is the first thing lost when using any kind of mind-altering substance.

Accelerated human evolution — True evolution of our species is not the biological change around us but the evolution of consciousness.

This is a life changing event. These subconscious memories can be effectively accessed and explored through personal out-of-body experiences.

The Amazing Benefits Of Astral Projection

I strongly believe that self-initiated and controlled out-of-body experiences are the cutting edge of accelerated personal development. A reduction in hostility and increased respect for life Those who have experienced an OOBE, realize that they continue after death.

Each year new studies point to additional psychological and physical benefits derived from out-of-body experiences. In general, most people will see themselves as they appear in the physical world.

Astral Projection (OBE) Benefits & FAQ

It is an out-of-body experience achieved via deep meditation or lucid dreaming. According to an in-depth study of participants published in by Dr. You can meet advanced enlightened beings, even from distant ancient traditions, and learn from them.

You can learn about ourselves, about our Earth, the Universe, or about anything else. Check out these other fantastic dream sites: Imagine being able to glide over the ocean like a seagull.

We can go and check out friends in another corner of the world! For example, several scholars have concluded that out-of-body experiences are actually lucid dreams; their conclusions conveniently fit their traditional concepts of the mind. As we become more in tune with our internal energy systems we then open more possibilities to develop psychic abilities such as telepathy and prophecy.

An increased respect for life: These memories aid in finding our purpose of existence. The silver cord appears to function as the connection between the physical body and the first energy-body of all life-forms. The ability to explore unseen areas of the universe is now available, but it is up to us to take the step from being a curious observer to being an active explorer.

An increased desire for answers — Once we recognize that answers are available; many people begin a personal spiritual quest to solve the mysteries they have held since childhood.Benefits of Out-of-Body Exploration “Knowledge is the antidote for fear.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson.

The benefits of out-of-body exploration (also known as astral projection) extend far beyond the limits of our physical senses and our intellect. Astral projection is the act of consciously leaving your physical body to experience as a spirit on the astral plane – what is commonly known as an out of body experience, or OBE.

There is a lot of hard work involved in achieving this goal, but there are some amazing benefits of astral projection that can. Astral Projection is where the Consciousness & the Astral body separate from the physical body to travel in the spirit world or astral plane.

It is an out-of-body experience achieved via deep meditation or lucid dreaming.

Top 10 Benefits of Astral Projection

Most of us have heard or read about astral projection and we may be a little interested. But before we embark on the learning how to experience this phenomena we might be asking ourselves what are the benefits of astral projection what will I get from it. So you want to know are there any benefits for astral projection.

Then look no further because it is here that you will find everything you. Benefits of Astral Projection: Most importantly you get to know (believes are useless) that there are other realities that are not physical and that we form part of it.

The knowledge that your physical body is just a vessel for the real you to be able to experience this physical dimmension/reality.

Benefits of astral projection
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