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The inquiry concludes that the UN should apologise to the Rwandan people. Afonso, 28, Congo Upstairs in one of the big bedrooms of the Scalabrinian Mission Afonso, a year-old migrant from Congo, explained how he came from Kinshasa in by boat, escaping from the violent conflicts raging in his own country.

Like many of her customers, she also wants to travel north to the US or Canada, but only with the correct papers. The inquiry makes a number of policy recommendations designed to ensure similar failings do not happen again.

I decided to come here thinking maybe things will be good. With three friends, she bought a ticket heading west for Ecuador where she heard she could enter with her invitation to study at a language school.

His wife and six of his children are with him, awaiting a decision from the migration authorities on their asylum case. Guaianazes street, downtown Sao Paulo On Rua Guaianazes there is a run-down mosque on the second floor of an old and degraded building, which is frequented by many African migrants.

The UN failed the people of Rwanda during the genocide in Inquiry report An independent inquiry team - headed by former Swedish Prime Minister Ingvar Carlsson - said the UN had ignored evidence that a genocide was planned and had refused to act once it had started.

She is currently unemployed, but happy that her young son is studying, although often he comes home complaining about racism at school. Experts say some of those who come through language centres like these are planning on continuing their journey north, others on staying in Ecuador.

He says migrants should be respected for having the courage to leave everything behind and restart from nothing.

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His Brazilian girlfriend is now pregnant and he is waiting for a work permit in order to get a job as mason. Frustrated by restrictions he faced as a Syrian in Lebanon, he started to research other places where he might make a new start. The decision of peacekeepers to retreat from a school, leaving civilians inside to be butchered, is described as "disgraceful".

For the sake of his children — who all speak English — Asadullah wants to go to the US. Souza says many of those who arrive at the house are ill: His career had been high-profile and illustrious, but while that brought recognition from the Americans and their allies, it also brought him the unwelcome attention of the Taliban and other extremist groups.

When he refused, someone tried to throw acid on his child at school — that was when he decided to leave. One night he managed to escape to the city and met a woman from a Christian organization which provided airplane tickets so he could leave immediately for Brazil.

He is currently applying to join a federal university in Sao Paulo. He paid for part of the trip by working on the ship.

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He fled to stay with family in the interior of the country, but was kidnapped and held captive in the forest. The lack of trust in Brazilian law enforcement is a huge issue among refugees and migrants, many say that they rarely provide help or support, but instead only make their lives more difficult.

On behalf of the UN, I acknowledge this failure and express my deep remorse Kofi Annan The report highlights the role of Mr Annan, who was head of UN peacekeeping at the time, sharply criticising his failure to act on a warning of the risk of genocide sent by the head of the UN peacekeepers in Bbc africa business report rwanda africa.

Travelling west, to Ecuador, after religious violence broke out in his hometown, he says he paid someone he knows to help sort out his travel, unsure of how much he took as a cut. Every time the police come and seize the goods he sells, it can take up to five months to recover the money lost.

Although he is a professional tailor and prefers to dedicate his time to his own original work, he says financial pressures meant he was forced to join the market of counterfeit designer-label clothing. In a bright classroom in the centre of Quito, a group of students sit around a whiteboard.

It delayed his chance of getting a permit that would allow him a legal and better-remunerated job. Tricked Although many of the migrants that make their way to Ecuador are able to travel more independently than those making the journey across the Mediterranean, examples abound of exploitation of some who arrive here.

It also criticises Belgium for unilaterally withdrawing its peacekeepers after the murder of ten of its soldiers. His grandfather was a chief priest of a secret society for whom it is a tradition to initiate the oldest son of the family when the former elder dies.

A little piece of Nigeria, in Quito As the night closes in, Grace, a year-old law graduate from Cameroon, dashes between a barbeque out on the street and the kitchen in the small Nigerian restaurant where she is working the night shift, as a television showing an African football league plays in the background.

Today their teacher is translating between Arabic, Spanish and English. When he flew in, alongside a Sri Lankan family, the agent arranged for him to be picked up by an unknown woman who charged each of them again to take them to a hostel.

Among the documents he smuggled out with him is a photograph of him with Robert Gates, the former US Secretary of Defence, paperwork from a training programme at the National Defence University in Washington DC, and training certificate from the George C Marshall centre in Europe, signed by the German defence minister.

Thursday, 16 December, Crowds gather on the streets in front of the packed bars, while different people ask us if we want cheap marihuana. She wears a dark top, and her hair pulled back, as she fans the tilapia grilling on the coals.

When he was arrested for working without the proper documents, a friend had to come and pay the police to get him out.Rwanda coach missing "after toilet run" The BBC's Africa Business Report went along to meet the South African entrepreneur Alistair Barnes to.

CNBC Africa has lost another business anchor to BBC Africa in just days. Maggie Mutesi on Monday announced her departure from CNBC Africa to BBC Africa.

Mutesi, who had joined CNBC Africa from Rwanda Television early this year, will now move from Kigali to Nairobi, where BBC Africa maintains a regional office.

report. News. Genocide. Africa Business Report - BBC This Playlist highlights a selection of reports from a monthly look at business across the continent. Correspondents from the BB. A damning report has been published on the failure of the United Nations to prevent the genocide in Rwanda more than five years ago.

A Rwandan minister reacted to the report by saying Mr Annan should come to Kigali and apologise "in person". "We expect the secretary-general to come here to.

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