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In addition, the Chinese already knew how to grow silkworms and how to produce silk fabrics during the Shang period. The popular drink in China was tea. Papermaking was diffused across the Islamic world, from where it was diffused further west into Europe.

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The Chinese were also very talented at painting. The easiest way is using a known sheet of paper as an exemplar.

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An Exploration Cross Cultural Competency: People mainly traveled on foot. With the introduction of cheaper paper, schoolbooks, fiction, non-fiction, and newspapers became gradually available by Not too long after that, a belief called Confucianism surfaced. At the time he was working for Leger Didot with whom he quarrelled over the ownership of the invention.

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Around BC, new ideas such as Taoism circulated China. In turn, the trip hammer method was later employed by the Chinese. Using known sheets can produce an exact identification.

Production began in Baghdadwhere a method was invented to make a thicker sheet of paper, which helped transform papermaking from an art into a major industry. The Chinese used materials such as lead, bronze, jade, silk, and clay to create their art.

By the end of the 19th-century almost all printers in the western world were using wood in lieu of rags to make paper. Ceramic pots made in China are popular through-out the world; porcelain pots were most common. Schools were set up in every province of Ancient The society was divided into the rich nobility, ordinary people and slaves, there also existed the class of merchants.

It would be used as a walking stick, to carry loads on your back, carry and transport two water buckets, as a lever, tent pole, and writing implement. Nicholas Louis Robert of EssonnesFrancewas granted a patent for a continuous paper making machine in There was a paper mill in Switzerland by and the first mill in England was set up by John Tate in near Stevenage in Hertfordshire[43] but the first commercially successful paper mill in Britain did not occur before when John Spilman set up a mill near Dartford in Kent.

Instead of the modern paint brush, they used bird feathers and rabbit tails to paint large areas. The Zhou people initially consisted of a group of nomadic pastoralists who have settled in the fertile river valley in western China.

Due to their noise and smell, paper mills were required by medieval law to be erected outside the city perimeter. However, evidence for water-powered paper mills is elusive among both prior to the 11th century.

First of all it is important to state that the Shang dynasty was the heir of the semi-mythical Xia dynasty and, preceded the Zhou dynasty. As one of the few modern bastions of communism that has endured since the end of the Cold War, China currently has the largest and most complicated economy in the world CIA, Men wore shorter tunics that went down to the knees.

This too became popular. Thus, the main aim of this assignment is to observe the Shang and Zhou dynasties of early China. After the Mongols invaded, they brought cotton to China and taught the farmers how to grow it.

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Although these new beliefs were becoming very popular, people still believed that their ancestors were gods and should be worshipped. Women wore long tunics that touched the ground. As paper was less reactive to humidity, the heavy boards were not needed. The Shang Dynasty was the first dynasty of China.

Mass-market paperback books still use these cheaper mechanical papers see belowbut book publishers can now use acid-free paper for hardback and trade paperback books.

European papermaking spread to the Americas first in Mexico by and then in Philadelphia by By the 12th century in Marrakech in Morocco a street was named "Kutubiyyin" or book sellers which contained more than bookshops.Ancient China Inventions Essay example; Ancient China Inventions Essay example.

Submitted By SuckLol. Words: Pages: 5. Open Document. History is witness to the four world famous inventions of ancient China: paper, printing (woodblock printing), gunpowder, and compass.

They are considered as not only of Ancient China, but also our. China, the origin of modern paper making and woodblock printing, produced one of the world's first print cultures.[1] Much of Chinese literature originates with the Hundred Schools of Thought period that occurred during the Eastern Zhou Dynasty ( BCE).

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Ancient China. Today, we live in a world that is run by computers and electronics. Whenever we wake up, we use some /5(1). The four most ingenious China ancient inventions are the gunpowder, paper currency, compass, and silk.

Paper is probably the most innovative invention that replaced the expensive and rather bulky bamboo strips, silk strips, and wet clay tablets.

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