An essay upon projects daniel defoe

An Essay upon Projects

After this account given in, the commissioners shall have power to examine upon oath all his servants, or any other person; and if it appears that he has concealed anything, in breach of his oath, to punish him, as is hereafter specified. Wit and religion suffer equal fate; Neglect of both attends the warm debate.

This officer shall supersede even the Sheriff in possession, excepting by an extent for the king; only with this provision: As no woman should be received but who declared herself willing, and that it was the act of her choice to enter herself, so no person should be confined to continue there a moment longer than the same voluntary choice inclined her.

I have heard some who were no great friends to the Government take advantage to reflect upon the king, in the beginning of his wars in Ireland, that he did not care to trust the English, but all his great officers, his generals, and engineers were foreigners. A woman well bred and well taught, furnished with the additional accomplishments of knowledge and behaviour, is a creature without comparison; her society is the emblem of sublimer enjoyments; her person is angelic, and her conversation heavenly; she is all softness and sweetness, peace, love, wit, and delight; she is every way suitable to the sublimest wish, and the man that has such a one to his portion has nothing to do but to rejoice in her, and be thankful.

Commons gratis, for certain fixed terms. The learned among the French will own that the comprehensiveness of expression is a glory in which the English tongue not only equals but excels its neighbours; Rapin, St.

He was one of the best of the earliest writers of realistic fiction, the genre that eventually evolved into the novel as it is known today. The remainder of the estate of the debtor to be fairly and equally divided among the creditors, who are to apply themselves to the commissioners.

The second college for voluntary students in the same exercises; who should all upon certain limited conditions be entertained, and have all the advantages of the lectures, experiments, and learning of the college, and be also capable of several titles, profits, and settlements in the said college, answerable to the Fellows in the Universities.

After the Fire of London the contrivance of an engine to quench fires was a project the author was said to get well by, and we have found to be very useful.

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The man is in too much trouble not to want counsel, so he thanks him, and he goes on: These are tricks I can give too good an account of, having more than once suffered by the experiment. We saw in England a bloody civil war, where, according to the old temper of the English, fighting was the business.

And one of the members making a speech at his entrance tells you that it is not the least of the glories of their invincible monarch to have engrossed all the learning of the world in that sublime body.

Every class 2 governors. Unlike the novelists who would follow him, Defoe avoids character analysis, preferring instead to concentrate on action and incident; his characters show little emotion and a considerable amount of calm reflection.

Verisimilitude is created through the naming of actual places and people, the inclusion of historical events as background, the inclusion of prefatory statements in which the narrator writes of material omitted because of lack of space or mentions corroborating testimony to the events in the narrative, and the creation of completely believable characters.

Swearing, that lewdness of the tongue, that scum and excrement of the mouth, is of all vices the most foolish and senseless. For, saving my respect to the sex, the levity which perhaps is a little peculiar to them at least in their youth will not bear the restraint; and I am satisfied nothing but the height of bigotry can keep up a nunnery.

The next inquiry is, whether the extremities of this law are not often carried on beyond the true intent and meaning of the act itself, for malicious and private ends to gratify passion and revenge? And, which will further expose the fruitless severity of this law, it is easy to make it appear that all this cruelty to the debtor is so far, generally speaking, from advantaging the creditors, that it destroys the estate, consumes it in extravagant charges, and unless the debtor be consenting, seldom makes any considerable dividends.

Words, indeed, like ceremonies in religion, may be submitted to the magistrate; but sense, like the essentials, is positive, unalterable, and cannot be submitted to any jurisdiction; it is a law to itself; it is ever the same; even an Act of Parliament cannot alter it.

An Essay Upon Projects by Daniel Defoe

There is no question but the French may hold the war out several years longer; but their king is too wise to let things run to extremity. Nothing but pride loves to be flattered, and that only as it is a vice which blinds us to our own imperfections.

If, then, a long peace had so reduced us to a degree of ignorance that might have been dangerous to us, had we not a king who is always followed by the greatest masters in the world, who knows what peace and different governors may bring us to again? The gentlemen here are maintained as gentlemen, and are to have good tables, who shall therefore have an allowance at the rate of 25 pounds per head, all officers to be maintained out of it; which is.

I remember the story of an English gentleman, an officer at the siege of Limerick, in Ireland, who, though he was brave enough upon action, yet for the only matter of being ignorant in the terms of art, and knowing not how to talk camp language, was exposed to be laughed at by the whole army for mistaking the opening of the trenches, which he thought had been a mine against the town.

The secretary is to lay this petition before the commissioners, who shall sign it of course; and the petitioner shall have an officer sent home with him immediately, who shall take possession of his house and goods, and an exact inventory of everything therein shall be taken at his entrance by other officers also, appointed by the court; according to which inventory the first officer and the bankrupt also shall be accountable.

Not that I would put an affront upon the learning of any of those honourable employments, much less upon their persons. The gentlemen who practise to be put to no manner of charge, but to be obliged strictly to the following articles: Thus a man may speak in words, but perfectly unintelligible as to meaning; he may talk a great deal, but say nothing.

From hose factor he had become merchant adventurer in trade with Spain, and is said by one writer of his time to have been a civet-cat merchant.Daniel Defoe World Literature Analysis - Essay. Homework Help. Daniel Defoe World Literature Analysis In An Essay upon Projects, Defoe suggests the creation of a Society, modeled on the.

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The History of Projects. When I speak of writing a History of Projects, I do not mean either of the introduction of, or continuing, necessary inventions, or the improvement of arts and sciences before known, but a short account of projects and projecting.

An Essay upon Projects [Daniel Defoe] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An Essay Upon Projects contains a series of ideas and opinions which Daniel Defoe published in an attempt to encourage social reform in England during the late 17th century.

The essay is lengthy and wide in scope; Defoe proposes a series of reforms /5(3).

An essay upon projects daniel defoe
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