Actr russian essay contest winners

The time limit for writing the essays is one two-hour session.

Students may use their class textbooks for reference only. They loved their families and I fell in love with Kenzhe, we want to include her in our documentary. Class notes are not allowed. No Awards will be assigned to essays of less than five comprehensible Russian sentences or to essays with inappropriate content.

SRAS Research Coordinator Andrei helped me a great deal, not just in terms of getting to know the different procedures for each of the archive centers, but also in offering his own insights from his own research experiences.

Teachers are required to make the necessary number of copies for their registered students. The students and I want to collectively buy a little plot of land and a yurt or house in the village at the base of the mountains.

Jane CostlowProfessor of Environmental StudiesBates College I wanted to find a program that combined my love of Russia and my passion for environmental studies. Registration must be completed by October 12, FinnUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst Renee, the work that you do is so far beyond any kind of formal service or trip planning in your vision, scope, and ability to think of absolutely everything and anticipate potential problems in advance.

Students may not copy entire sentences or paragraphs from their textbooks. Teachers are to be present during the contest to act as proctors.

All participating teachers must be members of ACTR. Teachers are expected to make photocopies of all essays. Teachers with questions about the essay contest should contact one of the Contest chairs: Primary Sidebar Testimonials My semester back home so far has been incredibly influenced by my semester abroad with SRAS and I find myself talking about it almost daily.

The NREC registration form must be typed and students must be grouped by separate levels. Forever grateful to you.

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My contributions to our Russian club have also been greatly enriched. Thanks for helping me teach this course!

Writers of second-round essays that are awarded gold medals in Moscow will receive certificates and pins, while writers of silver and bronze medal essays will receive certificates only.

Studying abroad in Siberia gives you the opportunity to see a completely different side of Russia and the Russian people. All students whose essays receive Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Honorable Mention will receive certificates.

On the contest date you select for your school, students are to meet in an appropriate place to write their essays. Teachers decide which levels are most appropriate for their students.

Photocopies should be retained until students have been informed of the results of the contest. Judging of Essays Essays will be distributed to a panel of judges for evaluation.Congratulations to the winners of the Sixteenth Annual ACTR National Post-Secondary Russian Essay Contest.

In this year’s contest, there were 1, essays submitted from 68 universities, colleges, and institutions across the nation. National Post-Secondary Russian Essay Contest Award Winners from Rutgers.

In this year's contest, there were 1, essays submitted from 79 universities, colleges, and institutions across the judges read each.

Travel Alert for Russian Cities: May 25 - July 25, Scholarships Available!

Students fare well in Russian essay contest

Stetson University and SRAS Announce New Partnership. Call for Papers: Vestnik! Established more than thirty five years ago, the ACTR National Russian Essay Contest (NREC) provides high school and middle school students the opportunity to demonstrate their writing proficiency in Russian.

Winners. Topic: Please write a short essay based on the following topic: “My city. Teachers with questions about the essay contest should contact: Jennifer Bown, PhD Department of German and Russian Brigham Young University JFSB ACTR Newsletter Russian Language Journal.

In this year’s American Council of Teachers of Russian (ACTR) National Post-Secondary Russian Essay Contest, there were 1, essays submitted from 79 universities, colleges, and institutions across the nation.

Actr russian essay contest winners
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